I don’t know about you, but I have had days I desperately wished to discuss a lot of things bothering me with someone, things I felt I had done wrong, plans I want to execute, etc. without being criticized, stigmatized and/or judged by anyone. There are days I feel like talking to someone about my feelings, challenges and troubles, without being mocked or turned into an object of mockery and disdain.

There are days I just don’t feel like speaking out, but I want to pour out my feelings to someone out there without necessarily showing my face. I couldn’t do all these, because of the fear of being called names, insulted, stigmatized and/or judged.

Ekhomhe empire is initiated to give us the freedom to speak out and speak up, help us find solutions to many of our life’s challenges, without necessarily revealing our true identity to the world, where we could be discriminated on, stigmatized, mocked or embarrassed, for being who we are.

This platform is where we are free to speak, listen and learn from people around us, anonymously without discrimination. Everyone on the platform, including the admins, town Hall chiefs, chief priests and priestesses, will remain neutral and never have a single reason to criticize any member. You are free to reveal anything on the platform, as no one would ever find out who you really are (if you chose not to reveal your identity), including the admins on this platform.

The purpose of this initiative is to create an atmosphere where a lot of us would be able to let go of those heavy burden in our hearts, without the fear of being stigmatized. A place you can let go of all that bothers you, things you want to say, but afraid of telling someone close to you, for fear of losing face before that person.

A place where you can make confessions, seek solutions and get them, without being criticized or embarrassed...A place where you can Let it out, Let it go and HEAL!



the freedom to express one's view and opinion, without a face or name being placed on you. This feature in a platform is rare. Unlike where you have to fake your identity, just to report a case, you won't have to go through all that trouble in this community.

All you need to do is go to the page where you can send in your messages (either recorded audio or written message), and the system will post it automatically as anonymous. Even the Admin in Ekhomhe empire, will not be able to identify you, as everyone will be completely anonymous to each other.

Townhall Meeting Forum

Our town hall meeting forum is where we discuss all matters arising on the platform. The platform encourages her members to bring their challenges, questions, concerns, ideas, reports, etc. once every Month to the town hall meeting. This will be a live podcast session that will last for an hour, depending on the topics available for discussion.

Professionals will be available as anonymous to help us find solutions and give counsel where necessary. Admins are referred to as chiefs in the Ekhomhe empire Town Hall meeting forum.

Chiefs, Chief Priests
and Priestesses

Admins on the Ekhomhe Empire platform are called chiefs, why our invited professional moderators, counsellors and speakers, will be called chief priests and priestesses on the platform, this is a way of hiding their identity, so as to give every member freedom to express themselves freely.

Note: The chiefs, Priests and priestesses won’t be able to know who they are attending to, everyone is completely ANONYMOUS on this platform.

Teens Community

Ekhomhe Empire is not a community for just adults, we also have a section for teenagers, known as TEENS COMMUNITY. In this section, children between the ages of 13 years and 19 years old, are allowed to be members of the teens community.

They are free to discuss their family issues, academics, fashion, abuses, etc. We will have Chief Priests and Priestesses to attend to them Monthly and also, we will have admins, known as “ELDERS'' to assist them, and monitor their activities before the town Hall meeting scheduled once a Month for them.

Keywords and Their Meaning

These are the unique words that we would come across in Ekhomhe Empire as members.


these are the admins in the adult community, they are in charge of managing the affairs and activities of the villages in the empire.


These are the admins in the teens community, they are in charge of managing the affairs and activities in the teens community.

Chief Priests

They are Male professional speakers, counsellors, tutors, etc. They only attend to members during town hall meeting days, once every Month.

Chief Priestesses

They are female professional speakers, counsellors, tutors, etc. They only attend to members during town hall meeting days, once every Month.


These are different categories in the empire, e.g Relationship category is called Relationship village in Ekhomhe Empire.


These are different categories in the teens section of the empire, e.g Family channel is called family clan in the teens section in Ekhomhe Empire.

Village Square

Is the general landing page in both the adult and teens community, where all posts are seen.

Town Hall Meeting

This is a section where members, invited guests and admin meet monthly to address issues or get help in E.E. platform.