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Absolutely! And here are some suggestions to help you out:

Step One

Introduce yourself without your real name, you can chose to use a nick name if you please. Tell your story either by recording an audio message or written text.

Step Two

Be precise about your story and let us know where you need encouragement. Don't worry about your identity being revealed, we are 100% anonymous in this Ekhomhe Empire

Step Three

Remember to encourage others in this empire battling with the same challenge(s) as yours, by letting them know that they too can overcome their challenges.

And remember, don’t be shy! Just be YOU! Your words can give hope to so many others so don’t forget to speak from the heart!

Ekhomhe Empire Rules:

Ekhomhe Empire rules are going to be strict, as we are here to make sure that our purpose for creating this Empire is achieved. Participants must be disciplined and only ready to discuss and/or share reasonable information both as a story or in the comment section of each story in this empire.

RULE 1 - Every participant MUST be civil, respectful, and well-mannered in all the villages and clans they step into in this empire. No one is allowed to use insulting words, vulgar or foul language in the comment section of every post.

RULE 2 - The Chiefs and elders of each village or clan, reserve the right to ban the IP address of any participant that refuses to adhere to the rules of this empire.

RULE 3 - Participants have the right to report any IP address via of anyone whom they feel is bullying them with their statements and/or opinion on their posts in this empire.

RULE 4 - Teasing is allowed, but no participant is ALLOWED to use offensive words in anyone’s post in the comment section.

RULE 5 - Participants below 13 years old are NOT ALLOWED in the Teens Community, while participants below 20 years old are NOT ALLOWED in the adult Community.

RULE 6 - All participants are advised to keep their IDENTITY A SECRET in this Empire. Revealing your identity on Ekhomhe Empire is totally at your OWN RISK and the admins of Ekhomhe Empire won’t be held responsible for whatever happens afterwards.

RULE 7 - Town Hall meetings are scheduled to hold once a Month for a period of 1 hour, it is for anyone who truly has reasons to attend the monthly meetings.