Hello my lovers, l really don’t know where to start from but guess l have to start from somewhere, all my life have not been lucky with men and love, it’s always from one to another,l am currently 28yrs old dating a guy am older than with a year plus, honestly he is nice and […]

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I feel empty inside of me

I am a 37yrs old single lady, who works in a multinational company in Port Harcourt. I live alone and by the grace of GOD, can conveniently provide for myself as I am the last child of my parents and my older siblings and doing perfectly well on their own. Everything seems fine with me […]

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Dating an Obsessed man

Dating someone who is obsessed with you, can be very draining and I would advice my fellow ladies to not make the same mistake I have made with 7years of my life. I met him in my 300L in the university, he was so friendly and fatherly, since he is about 20yrs older than I […]

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