Hello my lovers, l really don’t know where to start from but guess l have to start from somewhere, all my life have not been lucky with men and love, it’s always from one to another,l am currently 28yrs old dating a guy am older than with a year plus, honestly he is nice and he is every woman dream but at the same time l have this feeling that l deserve better, don’t get me wrong he is cool ,when l met him he was really trying cause he was the first person l ever dated that truly cared for me, cause of how he was nice to me l had to stop seeing any other guy and focused on him alone, we’ve been together now for a year going to 2 years, l like him but l can’t say l am in love cause of how broken l was during my past relationships, fast forward to now alot has changed ,he doesn’t really give me much anymore but l always make sure l appreciate it, l don’t know if it because am too appreciative that’s why he has reduced the money he usually gives to me, currently he’s not that financially buoyant anymore which l understand but if the money should come again he will be giving me change which is not supposed to be so and it’s affecting me also, don’t get me wrong l work also , l am a fashion designer but not getting much, aside that l am the elder one in my family from 8 children,l pay their rent and also sponsor their feeding at times so you can say it’s not been easy on me, and my guy is not too strong for now, due to my past relationships lessons l really don’t want to be patient with any man cause l did it for 5 yrs with my first ex and 3 years with my second ex, yet there was nothing to show for it, so l am confused on what to do please what do you think l should do cause am currently living with my friend that is married here in Lagos and l need to look for my own space but no much money to rent, my guy even had to tell me to come stay with him since we are dating which l refused,l don’t know what to do cause l have a lot of responsibilities on my head and I don’t want to be stupid again.
I really don’t know what to do anymore, l am currently depressed.

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