My Name Is  Foluke, i am 31, Single and not Happy, I Live In Lagos I am not Lucky finding the right one , Men Hardly look at me talk more ask me out! Pls i need Help! Is something wrong with me? I am Beautiful, Tall , Chubby, i have my own Thriving Business, […]

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Hello my lovers, l really don’t know where to start from but guess l have to start from somewhere, all my life have not been lucky with men and love, it’s always from one to another,l am currently 28yrs old dating a guy am older than with a year plus, honestly he is nice and […]

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Good morning sister girls,pls who else have been tru this : I was pregnant in 2021 august so I had miscarriage in October same 2021 ever since then have been trying to conceive but is not happening pls who else have experienced this what and what did you do to get pregnant again all test […]

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My space

Hello beautiful ladies. I have 2 issues bothering me. There’s a friend of mine in the hostel who I’m close with. So, her coursemate started getting close to her which I don’t have a problem with since I can’t be her only friend. So, I noticed this friend of hers is making it seem like […]

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My marriage is a hell hole for me

I relocated to Canada to join my husband, after his friend introduced me to him 3 years ago, we dated for a long time and he never came home, we were always talking over the phone, he sent me to his family house and I went to see his parents in his absence, his mother […]

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