Hello beautiful ladies. I have 2 issues bothering me. There’s a friend of mine in the hostel who I’m close with. So, her coursemate started getting close to her which I don’t have a problem with since I can’t be her only friend. So, I noticed this friend of hers is making it seem like a competition between us. I really don’t get like ” who’s competing with you?” I want to know the best way not necessarily cut them off but just reduce the time I spend with them. I can still be calling my friend on phone to talk with her but I don’t want any physical meeting with this lady and I also do not want her in my space.
2. There’s a lady who is close to this friend of mine who I’m about 5 years older than. She used to call me aunty but I notice she’s trying to call me by name. I want to know if I’m overreacting or not and the best way to tell her off if she’s being disrespectful. Thank you all

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