I am a banker and live in Abuja, though I was transferred to Abuja 3 months ago, before now, I was living in Port Harcourt. I understand this is an anonymous platform, so I feel I can talk about my situation here. pardon me for not introducing myself nor revealing any personal details, I don’t want to lose my job.

I was in a 5-year relationship in Port Harcourt before I was transferred to Abuja. Presently, I am the head of my team here and so it is easy to meet people, since I am in the marketing department.

My boyfriend and I broke up, because he kept giving excuses why he can’t settle down now and not ready for marriage. when my transfer came, I saw it as an opportunity to swim new waters and hope for a better man, so I broke up with him, because I don’t want to carry any extra baggage to Abuja in the form of relationship.

I met my present boyfriend the very Month I moved here, I took my time for the entire month and started dating him the following month, we are not very intimate yet, but we both know we care about each other, and I like the fact that he is working, responsible and doing well for himself at such age.

we went to the cinema last weekend, and I uploaded the photos on my Instagram page, that was the beginning of my troubles, I didn’t know he is friends with my ex, and they were even roommates in the University.

Now, my ex-boyfriend is telling him to stay away from me, that I am a prostitute and a liar. He has said a lot to my present boyfriend that I don’t even know what to do.

My boyfriend is presently telling me we need to rethink this relationship and asked for some time. I got his message this morning via WhatsApp, and I feel so depressed, because I really like him, I only held back sex with him because I feel it is too early to start doing that with him and also want to understand him to a reasonable extent.

What do I do now, I honestly feel like taking revenge on my ex for causing me this much pain, after spending 5 worthless years with him.

Please what do I do now? I am really confused and depressed.

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