• Hello good evening my name is Chioma I’m married with 3kids,pls I need an advice on this matter cause at this rate I don’t know what to do,I’m depressed and I have no one to run to. 2021 my parents were having issues with their rent and my husband has refused to help them with the rent so I borrowed money to pay it off so they wont be thrown to the street with hope that the little money I get from my  dropshipping business I will  use it to pay it back but my business started slowly down I couldn’t pay it back and my husband doesn’t give me money I was helpless,I didn’t know what to do so I borrowed money again to pay it off,since i couldn’t pay that one and since then till date I’ve been borrowing money from different platforms to pay back now the money I’m owing is almost a million now,I don’t know what to do and I don’t know how to tell my husband cos he will kill me if he finds out…that man will deal with me if he finds out,I’m helpless, atimes I even start thinking if I should kill myself,this money I didn’t eat 1kobo from it but it’s about to end me.i don’t know what to do pls I need your help and advice thank you.
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