My Name Is  Foluke, i am 31, Single and not Happy, I Live In Lagos I am not Lucky finding the right one , Men Hardly look at me talk more ask me out!

Pls i need Help! Is something wrong with me? I am Beautiful, Tall , Chubby, i have my own Thriving Business, i am tired of loneliness and Pressure from my parents and the mockery from my Environment.

When i hangout or go to Party with my friend, 3 or 4 guys will be asking for her Number but no one looks at me twice, i am even more Beautiful than she is. I am so worried!! I understand Self love and i love Myself but why am i not in a relationship at 31??
I am a very funny extrovert!

I’m just tired!

I don’t mind Hook up with a responsible guy that is ready for marriage,

pls Help 🙏 I Just want to feel loved and get married!

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