I am the last child of my parents, and was made to always stay home and not go out till I gained admission into the University of Benin. I am a 200 level student.

From my 100 level in school, I met a guy whom I thought is a very nice person because he is always in fellowship and class, and he is very calm and quiet. I started dating him and found out he is from a poor home, even though I am not from a rich home, but at least, my parents can provide all our basic needs and my siblings support me too, since I am the last child in my home and the only girl.

I moved from the school hostel and rented an apartment in BDPA with the advice of my boyfriend, we started living together. Whenever we are on break, he never leaves the school and he is always not around, only at night and when he wants to change up. My friends told me he was seeing another girl on campus in my department, I never believed until this semester when we resumed.

I came back to find out that my room has been renovated and a lot of things changed, my boyfriend packed my things and arrange them in one corner for me to come and carry them. He did not even send me a message or inform me before hand. He is asking me to move out and go look for another accommodation, that he can’t date me anymore. his reason is that I can’t cook and I can’t manage money.

What do I do now? I don’t have anywhere else to go, I come back from this school these days to see different items belonging to another girl, in an apartment I pay the rent.

Please how do I send him out? because I can’t loose my apartment to him. I need advice please.

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