Dating someone who is obsessed with you, can be very draining and I would advice my fellow ladies to not make the same mistake I have made with 7years of my life.

I met him in my 300L in the university, he was so friendly and fatherly, since he is about 20yrs older than I am.

I fell for him, even when I knew he is a married man with 4 kids from different women.

I was in the relationship until I graduated from school and started working in a bank. He actually helped me secure the job and in no time, I became a branch manager due to the huge deposits I get from his friends and everyone he introduced to me.

Ever since I started dating him, he has succeeded to chasing away all my male friends even family members that are male.

He won’t allow me date someone else, yet, he said he can’t marry me because he care about me too much to make me his wife.

I have had more than 7 abortions for this man. He practically wants to take control of my life as he monitors my calls and activities on a daily basis.

I don’t travel on any vacation alone, we must travel together. I am tired. I want to walk away, but he is threatening to make me loose everything he has assisted me in acquiring over the years and even my job.

I don’t know what to do, I am really depressed and feel I should just end it all.

f only I had someone to advice me better. I feel I am in prison.

I have someone I want to marry now, I don’t even know how to go about it.

I am confused and scared…

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