I am a 37yrs old single lady, who works in a multinational company in Port Harcourt. I live alone and by the grace of GOD, can conveniently provide for myself as I am the last child of my parents and my older siblings and doing perfectly well on their own.

Everything seems fine with me from the outside, but I am gradually loosing it inside of me.

I am the go to person among my friends and extended family members. Everyone wants to collect something from me, but no one among them is willing to give me as little as their genuine likeness for me.

When I am around, they act like I mean the world to them, chanting fake praises and hype at me, the moment I walk away, they start back stabbing and look for means to ruin my personality.

This was how a close relation of mine ruined my 2yrs relationship with lies on the day of my introduction. My so-called man left and I later discovered he got married to the lady my cousin introduced to us to make our outfit for our introduction.

I feel so empty and alone in this world.

My parents are dead, so my elder brother and sister don’t even have my time, I can’t reach out to them, as they have their own family matters to attend to. Where do I go from here?

Is it possible to find true and loyal friendship in this world? I am depressed. I feel I don’t belong here any longer.

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