Good afternoon Empire admin, I am an SS3 student, I live in Ibadan with my parents. I am one of the best students in my school and presently the class captain of my class. in school, my teachers appreciate my works and intelligence a lot, I have represented my school in so many competitions in Ibadan and we always win the first place or second place position most times.

At home, my father is always comparing me with my little sister because she is always in the kitchen helping my mum or doing house chores. I really don’t like house chores and this is always a problem.

My father lost his job last year, and since then, it has been hell for me, he keeps comparing me with my age mate around our area who come home with money and spend money all the time. I really feel unhappy, I have written my exams and don’t know how I will survive in the university without support from my parents. My mother is a tomato seller in the market, and we use her profit to run the home.

I don’t want to drop out of school, and I also don’t want to join the strange boys in my area in doing crime for money. I need advice please…

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