I was born out of wedlock, my mother was Muslim and my dad a Christian, after my birth my mother abandoned me with my dad because that was the only way her parents would take her back.

I stayed in the village with my grandma and my dad, at age 11 my father started having sex with me, which my grandma was aware of but did nothing to stop him, she will nurse my injury after every experience till my body adjusted fully and I no longer got bruises or injuries from the encounters, this continued for years, anytime my dad siblings offered to take me to the city he will bluntly refused, they assume it was love but only I knew what I was going through.

One Christmas my dad elder sister came to visit and stayed a week, that’s the longest we’ve entertained any one in our house,  my dad couldn’t hold it anymore and came one night to have his way with me, my Aunty heard my voice and rush into the room, the next day all our family members were gather and to my surprise, this particular Aunty was the only one who didn’t know what was going on, my grandmother had already told the others. My Aunty gave my dad the option of allowing me go with her or report him to the police, after much discussion I follow my Aunty to her house.

I was 17 when I started living with my Aunty, I thought all my days of pain were gone, little did I know that this was just another phase, her husband too started abusing me sexually, and threatened to tell my Aunty that I was possessed and seducing him, he’s a pastor and I know how much my Aunty trust her husband, so I kept enduring, I’m in school now, when it’s time for holidays I get so scared of going home, I’m 23years old and whenever I go home for holidays he still has his way with me, I don’t know if to tell my aunt, I don’t want to break her heart or ruin her marriage, and I feel it’s too late to speak up now since it has been on for years.

What do you advice I do?

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