I saw this platform on Tiktok and decided to come here and share my story, since the platform is a place where I won’t be crucified. Cos I honestly need someone to unburden my heart to. I am a Nigerian by birth, but I live in Germany.

My best friend and I have been friends since childhood, we went to school together and do everything together until I left for Germany 15 years ago. Before I left, I was having a crush on this young man living in our area. We became close, but I never went intimate with him, until I left Nigeria.

Few months ago, my girlfriend told you she is getting married, only for me to find out she is about to marry the man I had my eyes on. I couldn’t say anything, because she was never aware of my feelings for Temisan. I came home for the wedding as I am the chief bridesmaid.

On the day of their traditional marriage, I was drunk and didn’t know how I ended up having sex with my best friend’s husband. same thing happened two days after their wedding, I came to visit, but met my bestie’s absence. according to her husband, she travelled to Onitsha to buy the goods she sells.

I was feeling so guilty that I stopped visiting her matrimonial home and blocked her husband from reaching me on phone. I changed hotel accommodation so that he does not find me before I leave the country.

Even though it has been a year since this happened, I still hate myself and feel like I am a bad friend. I know my bestie is not as financially buoyant as I am, but she has been more than a sister to me all these years. I feel so pained and stupid. what do I do? I am seriously considering telling her what happened, but I am also scared of the outcome. I don’t want to loose a sister.

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