I was deceived into marrying the man I am married to now, by my pastor and his brothers. Each time I remember all that happened during our preparation for the wedding and immediately after our wedding, I regret not being sensitive enough to what each and every one said to me in his family house and our church.

I am a 44-year-old woman, I met my husband through his elder brother who introduced him to me 5 years ago in my salon. I was happy because I thought I had finally found a man to spend the rest of my life with, little did I know I was being dragged into burden and pains.

I told my pastor about my intentions with my husband, he told me to go ahead, that GOD will heal my husband through my presence in his life. I thought he was talking about our financial status as at then, I didn’t know he meant something else.

During preparation for the wedding, my husband said he was having issues with the keke he uses to work, so no money to finish preparation for the wedding. I had to borrow money from the esusu I was involved in, and we concluded the marriage plans and everything.

After our wedding, I nothing whenever we are making out, my husband does not ejaculate, in fact, he can’t even perform anything in bed. I went to complain to his family after a year, all they told me was I should be patient and give him some time. I had to result in buying all kinds of orthodox and native herbs for this man, all to no avail.


I later gathered he was married before, that his ex-wife left him because of this same problem, apart from him not being able to perform in bed, he is always aggressive and broke. I have turned into a shadow of myself, because he is always fighting me, I spend my money on drugs for him, feeding in the house and other expenses. the most frustrating part in all these, is that this man never appreciates anything I do for him, we don’t relate like couples at all, he never talks to me, the house is always like a graveyard, because I have no one to talk to at home. the only time he speaks to me, is to ask for food, drugs or his clothes I washed.


I am extremely tired of this suffering, it has been 5 years since this started, and I finally made up my mind January this year, to leave him. I am presently saving money to move out and go rent a small apartment for myself and start my life afresh. Looking back now, I feel so regretful and angry at myself for falling into this kind of misery.


Please, I really want to know, if I am making the right choice of leaving this man, I am tired of the beatings and struggling in his house.

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