I am so devastated and confused, I honestly don’t know where to start my story from. I met my husband during our University days, we were both engineering students in Covenant University. In our 400L, my husband lost his father and the mother married their driver. things went bad for them as the driver and the mum relocated abroad leaving my husband and his elder sister to take care of themselves. My boyfriend was about to drop out of school, but I told him not to, and started stealing from my parents to take care of him (I HAD NEVER STOLE IN MY LIFE BEFORE, BUT I HAD TO DO IT FOR LOVE) until we graduated.

I left for the UK for my masters, while my boyfriend stayed back in Nigeria to help his elder sister manage her logistics business in Abuja. I never cheated on him one day. I came back home immediately after my masters to start working because I wanted to be close to him. My friends warned me told me Tunji was a womanizer, I never listened to them, because I was too blinded by love.

A year later, Tunji and I got married and to my surprise, my elder sister was never happy about it. from the day I told my parents about our intentions, till the day we got married, my sister was extremely moody.

After our wedding, we moved into our new apartment giving to us by my parents. Two months into our marriage, my husband stopped sleeping at home, with the excuse of traveling and working late. Until one faithful evening, after informing me he will be coming home late, I decided to prepare him dinner and pay him a surprise visit in the office, only to catch my husband pants down on his office sofa with my own elder sister. HA!!! this life is a wicked place.

To my shock, both of them never felt a single sense of guilt, my elder sister got up, dressed up and sat down like nothing ever happened.

I later gathered from my sister that evening, that she and my husband have been dating since our University days, I never knew all the time my sister came to visit me in school, she was actually there to see Tunji. I thought she loved her one and only little sister.

It turns out that my sister was the one that setup the business Tunji is currently managing, not his elder sister who is presently living in Canada with her family.

To make matters worst, my elder sister is pregnant for Tunji, why I have never had the chance to even get pregnant for him once.

I reported this case to my parents, my mum is seriously against it, but my dad is indifferent, his excuse is that my sister is pregnant for Tunji and I am still very young, I will find another man. they are presently making arrangements to relocate me abroad. it has been a month now since this revelation, seeing my sister moving round the house with pregnancy for my husband is painful each time I visit home.

Tunji has moved out of the house and sent me divorce papers. I am presently putting up in my friend’s house, I think this is where I will end it all.

I am writing this to advice people never to trust their siblings so much the way I trusted my sister. I am 28 years now, how do I pick up this pieces of my shattered heart? can I ever overcome this? will I ever be able to trust any man again? Tunji, you are a wicked man, I should have listened to my friends and walk away long ago.

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