I came across this website on twitter and feel I can pour our my anger here, since my shameless boss won’t know it is I anyways.

I presently work as an accountant in a law firm. the owner of the law firm is my wife’s friend, so, it was easy to get a job in her firm.

My boss is highly connected, so there is nothing I can do to her. I am here to rant, because I am so angry but can’t vent my anger on anyone, except myself.

For the past 6 Months, my boss has been making passes at me, taking me to different night parties and traveling round the country, I dear not refuse to follow her, as my job would be on the line. I know how difficult it is to get a job right now in Nigeria, especially now that my first son just gained admission into the university.

There was a night this woman almost raped me in her hotel room, I had to run for my dear life.

She does not like seeing the other females in the office around me, and has started complaining to my wife that I am beginning to play with my job. I know all these complains is because I keep refusing her passes at me. What do I do? I have thought about so many things, but I can’t seem to come up with a better plan to stop this woman from harassing me and making my life miserable in her firm. I can’t even quit, because I need this job badly.

She is a married woman and a friend to my wife, why is this happening to me now?

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